Rachel, Ghent


Name: Rachel Ball
Thomas, saving the  World
Name: Rhys Thomas
D.O.B: 1/1/88 D.O.B: 9/8/79
Family:2 Sisters, mum, dad and Adam Family: Mam, Dad and one BIG Brother
Pets: Jimbob the pig Pets: Bob the dog
Fav Colour: Blue Fav Colour: Red
Fav Food: Lasagne Fav Food: Lasange
Fav Music: listen to anything. Fav Music: Jaz, soul and a bit of Phil Collins
Fav TV: One Tree Hill, Greys Anatomy Fav TV: Top Gear
Fav Track: Alkmaar Fav Track: Alkmaar
Best Cycling Moment: Winning the final race in style at the memorial in Houston after struggling in the heat all week Best Cycling Moment: 13.1 Alkmaar
Cycling Ambition: Cycling Ambition: Team Sprint Medal Commi Games
Worst Cycling Accident: Crashing in Penarth, having head scans, laughing gas and being stuck in wheelchair for a few weeks and lots of physio Worst Cycling Accident: Getting on the bike to start with
When You Leave School:Marry a rich man When You Leave School: Retire
Who would you like to Meet: Chad Michael Murray
Who would you like to Meet: Gordon Ramsay
Hobbies: Watching my soaps, labyrinth on my I phone Hobbies: Solitaire on my i pod
Sports: Horse Riding Sports: Cycling, Rugby
Name: Rhydian Page
Rhydian, Alkmaar 2008
Name: Michael Partridge Mike, Alkmaar 2008
D.O.B: 25/07/87 D.O.B: 3/12/87
Family:Mum, Dad, Sister Family: 1 Mum, 1 Dad, 1 Sister, 1 Brother
Pets: Pets:
Fav Colour: Red Fav Colour: Blue
Fav Food: Bannana and Brown Bread Sandwich Fav Food: Chinese and Steak
Fav Music: The Used, Beloved, Brand New, Thrice Fav Music: All varieties
Fav TV: The Simpsons Fav TV:Family Guy
Fav Track: Moscow, Alkmaar Fav Track: Alkmaar, Moscow
Best Cycling Moment: All of Them Best Cycling Moment:British Silver Junior Kierin
Cycling Ambition: To Be As Good as I Can Be Cycling Ambition:Get a team sprint medal and the commys
Worst Cycling Accident: Worst Cycling Accident: falling off at road safety centre and falling off twice in a week in Belgium on Gent carpet then Alkmaar sliding along the length of the back straight
When You Leave School: When You Leave School: Uni
Who Would You Like To Meet:

Who would you like to Meet: Jennifer Anniston, My future wife Katy Perry

Hobbies: Traction kitting, Drumming Hobbies:Music, seeing different places.
Sport: Cycling

Sports:Cycling, Rugby


Martha and Vickie

Name: Martha

Name: Tom Smith
D.O.B 06/09/03 D.O.B: 23/1/87
Family: Mummy, Daddy & Evan Family: 1 Brother Chris
Pets: Trixie & loads of fish Pets:
Fav Colour: Blue Fav Colour: Red
Fav Food: Beans & chocolate in the same dish Fav Food: Pasta
Fav Music: Bang Bang by BA Robertson. Panic in America Fav Music: Anything I can hear
Fav TV: CBBC & Merlin Fav TV: Eurosport
Fav Track: Newport (indoor) Fav Track: Maindy
Best Cycling Moment: winning medal at Maindy Flyers Best Cycling Moment: winning the under 14 Nationals
Ambition: to be spiderman Cycling Ambition: Win a World Title or the Olympics
Worst cycling accident: bumping into Cian Worst Cycling Accident: Breaking my collar bone (BSCA RR Champs 1999)
When you leave School: Spiderman or a rock star or a vet When You Leave School: Pro Contract
Who would you like to meet: Spiderman Who would you like to Meet: Wilfred Peeters
Hobbies: watching tv, playing, drawing, making things, giving Evan his breakfast Hobbies: Cycling
sports: Skateboarding, skiiing, roller skating, rugby, football, cycling Sports: Cycling
Name: Alex Wharton

Alex in the olden days

Name: Debbie Wharton Debbie and Alex.  Kirkby 6 Nations 1990
D.O.B: 29/1/? D.O.B: 15 March
Family: 2 Sisters 1 Wife 2 Daughters. Family: Mum, Dad, Sister, Gaz
Pets: Spider Pets: None, but would like a golden retriever
Fav Colour: Orange Fav Colour: Blue
Fav Food: Carbonara Fav Food: Pizza, Spaghetti bolognaise
Fav Music: sixties & eighties Fav Music: Stereophonics, Dido, The eighties
Fav TV: Old Films Fav TV: Casualty, Cold Feet, Eastenders, Ski Sunday, Darts, Scrum 5, Rygbi ar S4C, Simpsons, Vicar of Dibley
Fav Track: Moscow Fav Track: Meadowbank (Edinburgh)
Best Cycling Moment: Too many to recall (2nd in my one and only Cyclo Cross) Best Cycling Moment:Riding the Junior Worlds, and climbing Alpe D'huez
Cycling Ambition: Never ride another Cyclo Cross Cycling Ambition: To never ride up a mountain again
Worst Cycling Accident: Breaking elbow while training with Debbie and Nicola, 2 days before having to drive motorbike for sprint lead outs with Steve Paulding & Eddy Alexander. Did the training take place? more news next month Worst Cycling Accident: Breaking my elbow while leap frogging at circuit training, and falling off down the Flats and sliding along the road on my face for 20metres.
When You Leave School: catch up on my Home work When You Leave School: I'd like to be the Regional Talent Manager, and work in England.
Who would you like to Meet: Dr Abdullah Abdullah or Larah Logan Who would you like to Meet: The entire Welsh Rugby Team
Hobbies: Travel Hobbies: Housework, DIY, Ironing!!
Sports: Cycling, Running Sports: Cycling, swimming. Skiing, darts
Newport in the rain
Name: Nils
Gaz in the Alps
Name: Gareth Enticott  
D.O.B: 28th November 19...... D.O.B: 24th March
Family: mum n dad, sis ( is gaz family yet???) Family: Yes
Pets: 1 dead guinea pig Pets: None
Fav Colour: purple Fav Colour: Red
Fav Food: Indian Fav Food: Fish
Fav Music: anything not in current charts Fav Music: Queen
Fav TV: the one in my room is not bad, but the portable is my fave! Fav TV: News 24, BBC Parliament, the Weather
Fav Track: meadowbank when the wind howls down the back straight and snow falls in august Fav Track: Barnstaple BMX
Best Cycling Moment:wining the grand prix handicap. nice jersey, nice medal, nice flowers,nice feeling..... real scarey haircut! Best Cycling Moment: Doing 1.56 for a 50 on the H50/14
Cycling Ambition: Cycling Ambition:
Worst Cycling Accident: Holland a long time ago when I slid along on my face.... come to think of it I had a scarey haircut then too!! Worst Cycling Accident: When my front wheel came out of my BMX when doing a wheelie.
When You Leave School: the teachers have a big party to celebrate getting rid of you! When You Leave School: I come home for tea
Who would you like to Meet: Who would you like to Meet:
Hobbies: TV , travel, music and eating pizza... no make that eating!! Hobbies: Reading , computers, eating. DIY, watching Deb do the housework!!
Sports: socks, sports: hall, sports: jacket Sports: Cycling, gym, walking, sking
Name: Mark Cooper

  Robin, Alkmaar 2008
D.O.B.: 31.5.81  
Family: 7 crazy students  
Pets: They all died  
Fav Colour: Blue  
Fav Food: Chicken Madras at the Clifton Tandoori  
Fav Music: Trance, House  
Fav TV: Y Clwb Rygbi  
Fav track: Moscow  
Best Cycling Moment: Lapping the GB team twice in Junior 6 Nations
Madison in Germany after they'd given us abuse all weekend
Cycling Ambition: Win the Derny Champs this year  
Worst Accident: Having 2-3 inch slithers of ghent track squeezed out of me after I pulled my wheel over in the kilo. Felt like big jagged razor blades, they gave up after 40 minutes and I went to hospital.  
When You Leave School: Never
Who would you most like to meet: Ayrten Senna (before he died)
Hobbies: Weights, rugby, vector calculus & partial differential
Sports: Used to play a lot of rugby and basketball, now it's just cycling & weight training.  
Ian Smiler Smith
Name: Ian (Smiler) Smith
Name: Anne Smith
D.O.B: 2/1/1918 D.O.B: 7/2/1981?
Family: Wife Anne 2 Sons Tom & Chris Family: 3 Dependants
Pets: Anne Tom & Chris Pets: See above
Fav Colour: White and Black checker flag B4 any body else Fav Colour: Purple
Fav Food: Steak and Chips Fav Food: Anything without lots of Calories
Fav Music: Pink Floyd. Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Genesis, Hollies Fav Music: Elvis, Eagles, Moody Blues
Fav TV: Mash Fav TV:
Fav Track: Edinburgh Fav Track: Manchester Velodrome when they turn all the lights on so i can get good photos!
Best Cycling Moment: Welsh vets sprint Champion Best Cycling Moment: Being kissed by all those lovely big sprinters with those lovely big thighs(cough, cough) at the Cardiff GP. It's the only one benefit of being the starter.
Cycling Ambition: Retire @50 Cycling Ambition:
Worst Cycling Accident: Worst Cycling Accident: Falling off at Trefforest at a 10 TT and Ian asking if his bike was ok
When You Leave School: to far away to predict When You Leave School: I'm gowed tooo wurk in a Brewwerey........ hic!
Who would you like to Meet: The Cannibal Who would you like to Meet: Robbie Williams
Hobbies: Derny Hobbies: Robbie Williams Photography-swimming-reading-cooking ha ha!!
Sports: Cycling & F1 Sports: Swimming
Name: Chris Smith Chris Smith Name: Osian Meilyr

Bert Or Is It Stuart


D.O.B: Not Known (Found on a banana boat at Barry Dock) D.O.B: 6/6/89
Family: 1 Brother Tom (4 sale going cheap) Family: 2 Brothers 1 Sister
Pets: Pets: 2 Brothers
Fav Colour: Black (like mums cooking) Fav Colour: Blue
Fav Food: Any thing mother hasn't burnt Fav Food: Chips
Fav Music: Bob the Builder Tweenies Fav Music: Greenday
Fav TV: Robot Wars Extreme and Ground Force Fav TV: The Simpsons
Fav Track: Calshot Fav Track: Calshot
Best Cycling Moment: Beating Rob Hayels (Ten Pin Bowling) Best Cycling Moment:
Cycling Ambition: Cycling Ambition: Try not to fall off
Worst Cycling Accident: Being beaten by John Hayles Worst Cycling Accident: Falling off on the Taff Trail
When You Leave School: Never have to wash the dishes again When You Leave School:
Who would you like to Meet: Mickey Mouse in Florida next week (I'm fed up with this cold weather) Who would you like to Meet:
Hobbies: Learning to play the guitar while mum is trying to watch something on the TV Hobbies: Cycling
Sports: Sports: Rugby

Name: Gwyneth Zoe Rixon
  D.O.B: 26/6/53
  Family: 3 sons 1 Daughter
  Pets: no time
  Fav Colour: Red
  Fav Food: Real Chocolate
  Fav Music: Allsorts
  Fav TV:
  Fav Track: Maindy, Meadowbank
  Best Cycling Moment: Setting Kilo Record at Meadowbank 1975
  Cycling Ambition: To win some thing worth winning
  Worst Cycling Accident: Being brought of at Wolverhampton 60 yards before the finish
  When You Leave School:
  Who would you like to Meet: More Cyclists
  Hobbies: Cycling
  Sports: Cycling, Yoga